12 Instances Carly Rae’s Brand New Song Understood You

Carly Rae Jepsen’s single that is latest off her upcoming 3rd record album (yes, that states third album) is here now and you are clearly likely to hate exactly how much you adore it. Jepsen circulated „we actually like it or really, really, really hate it (but sing along to it and have it stuck in your head forever) because that’s the Carly Rae Jepsen way like you“ on Sunday, and we have a feeling that you’re either going to really, really, really. A cheery, retro melody and an addictive chorus that is reminiscent of „that ’80s new wave sauce“ that made Taylor Swift’s 1989 so catchy like its predecessor, „Call Me Maybe,“ „I Really Like You“ features.

Like you“ just might be the horrifically catchy song we’ve all been yearning for since „Call Me Maybe“s relentless reign on our radios (and our hearts) while I am hesitant to make such bold claims, „I Really. It is hard to fathom exactly exactly how such a thing could live as much as the almighty „Call me personally possibly,“ but, in a job interview for Billboard, Jepsen’s supervisor, Scooter Braun, claimed he told Jepsen „she could not come out with such a thing unless it had been in the standard of ‚Call Me possibly. „And, we have now a brand new one which is on that degree.“ A striking declaration by Braun, but, after a few listens to „we actually I just might have to agree with him like you.

While you tune in to the song on perform for several days at a time, you’ll likely start to observe that the words are relatable to a lot of of your lifetime circumstances. Ultimately, there may come a right time for which you will not be able to have an event without hearing a lyric from „we actually as you“ in your thoughts. (Pokračování textu…)