Love, once the saying goes, knows no boundaries. And neither do publications on love, even as we are going to learn

Kamasutra, the fourth century ancient Indian work, published by sage Vatsyayana, is a comprehensive treatise in the art of earning love and perhaps the bible of erotica not merely in Asia, but around the globe.

The enormous interest in this text is clear, whenever Sourav Garg, publisher at Brijwasi, unveiled that their work that is latest, Kamasutra — Aphorisms of enjoy, by famous scholar of erotica Lance Dane, had pre-sold 35,000 copies before its release, although the fucking a pregnant girl cost had been an astonishing Rs 3,900 a copy.

While a small 5,000 copies have already been sanctioned for the edition that is first subsequent printing runs take program. Garg hopes to touch the Spanish and market that is italian well.

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