Without a doubt more info on Negative Experiences of Fetishization

When inquired about their experiences to be fetishized, TGNB individuals described emotions to be utilized as intimate objects, dehumanized, or invalidated. These descriptions encompassed an general experience with which their specific value as people were demeaned. Four main themes emerged as negative experiences of fetishization (1) disgust and stress reactions; (2) fear and avoidance; (3) intimate objectification; and (4) microaggressions.

The negative reactions to being the item of intimate objectification and fetishization for a lot of individuals frequently corresponded to an feeling that is emotional of and disgust. Into the example that is following it may be seen that the one who narrates this fetishization experience had a definite comprehension of the point at which the line between attraction and fetish is drawn. (Pokračování textu…)